Welcome to Sassy Mama Cuisine

Sassy Mama Cuisine was founded by someone who love, love, loves food of all types, hot sauce of all flavors, Dips, Salsa's Marinades and more, Have you ever seen someone take a hot sauce challenge?, Their face turns red... Little bit of sweat rolls down their forehead then the realization that  bursting into flames sounds like a better idea then enduring another drop of maybe a Trinidad scorpion extract..... Yup, Once we realized these shared experiences and fun stories were some of our favorite moments, we knew that we needed to work together to make everyone's meals a little hotter, and their BBQ's that much more exciting.

If you like hot sauce and BBQ as much as we do, we hope you enjoy our site, share it with friends, and give us any feedback, tips, or even secrets you want to share. We would love to hear from you!

So, check out Sassy Mama Cuisine, we wanna be the hottest part of your day... Some Hot, Some not! we will have what you need to make that meal remarkable.